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врач-артролог, к.м.н. Жиляков Андрей Викторович

Dear visitors,

Thank you very much for choosing the Regional specialized centre for medical rehabilitation Ozero Chusovskoe!

Our Centre is situated 18 km from Yekaterinburg on a shore of a picturesque forest lake. It was opened on September 30, 1999 as the first hospital of a European type in the Ural region. It combines all the services and facilities of a modern rehabilitation centre, a hospital and a sanatorium.
The Centre for medical rehabilitation was established for rendering medical assistance to the patients with cardiovascular, neurologic and orthopaedic diseases. Special attention is paid to the rehabilitation of elderly patients that suffer from the association of these pathologies. Due to an increased number of persons that require a specialized rehabilitation treatment, we offer consultations of an arthrologist and a protocol of inpatient treatments has been organized.

We accept persons after cardiovascular, neurosurgical and orthopaedic operations. We are also ready to assist in recovery following brain, spinal cord and locomotor injuries. All our rehabilitation doctors and exercise therapists are licensed specialists with a long years’ experience.
We are able to help you, your friends and family members with the medical services we offer. We hope you will enjoy the stay at our Centre.